Instructions to Download and Install a Sample Application

The sample application includes prompts, greetings, scripts along with a custom CALLMaster database and any other database required for the application.
Downloading and installing the sample application will overlay all files in the CALLMaster folder, so it is very important to make a backup of the existing CALLMaster folder if you want keep your existing data.

After CALLMaster is installed and working follow these instructions to load the sample application:

  • Using the Services Panel, stop the following services:
    - CALLMaster Service
    - Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • Backup the current CALLMaster folder.
    - Select ‘CALLMaster’ folder in the ‘Program Files’ folder right click and choose ‘Copy’. Then Select the ‘Program Files’ folder, right click and choose ‘Paste’. A folder called ‘Copy of CALLMaster’ will be created and contain all the files needed for CALLMaster to be backed up. You can save that folder off-line for permanent backup or archive.
  • Click the download link from the Sample Application page you want to download.
    - You can download and save the exe file in a temp folder to run later, or run directly from the website to install the sample application
  • Refer to the Walkthrough with Sample Applications for application configuration and set-up instructions.
Sample Applications to Help You Get Started Fast

Free sample applications to help you in the development and deployment of your custom IVR application.

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