Expert Technical Staff with Over 20 Years in the Telephony Business

SpeechSoft staff is highly trained in software engineering and product design and have decades of experience in the computer telephony industry.
This extensive telephony knowledge and experience enables SpeechSoft's New Product Development team to be responsive to today’s fast changing technology environment and the support staff to be responsive to our client's needs.

SpeechSoft products come with a 30 FREE trial period and 3 FREE telephone technical support incidents during that period.
You can extend the telephone support at the time of purchase at a discounted rate or purchase single incident or support package when you need assistance.

Before puchasing support, you may want to:
- Review online the CALLMaster Documentation for details (walkthroughs, sample applications)
- Check the Frequently Asked Questions section for answers, or
- Email Technical Support with your question.

Support Options for Varying Technical Needs

We provide several sources for support as well as support plans to fit your technical expertise and business requirements.

For more information, contact SpeechSoft Sales at
or call 914-273-5560 ext. 2.