CALLMaster Sample Application

Dictation Functionality with Playback Navigation

This sample application allows authorized callers to make new dictation recordings, review their existing recordings, get recording instructions or set their personal options.

A mailbox record must be set-up for each authorized caller. The caller will need to enter their mailbox number and password to access the system. Each mailbox could be set-up with an email address if the owner requires email delivery of their dictation recording.

  • If the caller selects option 1 to make a new recording,
    - they will hear recording instructions the first time they log in to record with the option to press 1 to bypass the instructions or 9 to hear the instructions again.
    - During recording they will have the ability to press 2 to pause/unpause or any key terminate the recording and start playback.
    - During recording playback, the caller will have the option to press 1 to rewind, 2 to pause/unpause, 3 to fast forward or any other key to terminate playback.
    - After the caller has heard the recording or terminated playback, he/she will be given the option to press 1 to save the recording, 2 to replay the recording again, 3 to redo the entire recording, or 4 to continue recording from where they stopped playback. By pressing 4, the recording will continue from the place where playback was last stopped.
  • If the caller selects option 2, they will be directed to their mailbox to review recordings with the ability to delete or save.
  • Option 3 will play the pre-recorded instructions.
  • Option 4 will allow the caller to change their password and re-record their mailbox greeting.

To download and install a CALLMaster Sample Application, click on the link below.
Make sure to backup your CALLMaster folder first!

Dictation Functionality with Playback Navigation

Please review the Walkthrough with Sample Applications for initialization & custom set-up details.

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