CALLMaster Sample Application

Out Dial with 'Remove from List' Option

This sample application makes outbound calls using the CALLMaster Out Dial functionality to play a message or fax a document depending on the call connect type.

  • If the call connect type is human, the called party will be played a message and be given the option to be removed from the list.
    - If remove from the list option is selected, the number will be inserted in the OutcallSchedule-DontCall table and the OutcallSchedule record's Status field will be updated to 1 (Don't Call).
  • If the call connect type is answering machine, the message will be played.
  • If the call connect type is fax, a pre-defined document will be faxed to the called number.

To download and install a CALLMaster Sample Application, click on the link below.
Make sure to backup your CALLMaster folder first!

Out Dial with 'Remove from List' Option

Please review the Walkthrough with Sample Applications for initialization & custom set-up details.

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