CALLMaster Sample Application

Survey/Questionnaire with Verbal Response Logging

In this sample application, the caller is asked several pre-recorded questions. CALLMaster gets the verbal answer to each question, concatenates the answers and logs the concatenated response to a database table for future reference.

In addition to the CALLMasterSQL.mdf database, this application also utilizes the SampleApps.mdf database. The SampleApps.mdf file was placed in the CALLMaster\Data folder as part of the CALLMaster installation. Make sure the SampleApps.mdf database is attached to your SQL or SQL Express server.

To download and install a CALLMaster Sample Application, click on the link below.
Make sure to backup your CALLMaster folder first!

Survey/Questionnaire with Concatenated Response Logging

Please review the Walkthrough with Sample Applications for initialization & custom set-up details.

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