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When You Purchase Boards with CALLMaster

CALLMaster installs on a PC and requires a Dialogic board for telephony integration. The type of Intel/Dialogic board required will be determined by:

Dialogic boards that work with CALLMaster can be categorized as follows:

Analog Voice Only Boards

These boards interface with regular phone lines as well as with analog extensions off PBXs/KSUs.

Analog Voice & Fax Boards

Provides inbound and outbound fax support in addition to analog voice capabilities.

Digital PBX Integration Boards

Specially designed to integrate with popular digital PBXs (Avaya Definity, Mitel, NEC, Nortel Norstar & Meridian, Siemens Rolm).

T1 PRI-ISDN Boards

Connects directly to T1 PRI-ISDN trunks.

Multiple boards can be installed in a single PC for highly scalable solutions. CALLMaster IP does not require any Dialogic boards. HMP Software required is bundled with CALLMaster IP.

Board Support

SpeechSoft will supply the Dialogic drivers and assist in the set-up and configuration of any board purchased through SpeechSoft.

In addition to new boards, we also offer surplus boards at a discounted price, based on availability.