CALLMaster for the IP World

CALLMaster IP is the VoIP version of our easy to use CALLMaster package that combines the five most popular CT applications in one integrated package.

CALLMaster IP delivers Messaging / Voice Mail, Call Routing / Attendant, IVR /Audiotex, Out Dial and Fax applications using VoIP - Voice over Internet Protocol, right over the internet or LAN for greater productivity and lower costs..

CALLMaster IP also supports advanced telephony functionality including Multi-lingual, interface to ODBC databases, Speech Recognition, Text-to-Speech and CALLBasic. CALLBasic, a powerful scripting language, allows you to create value-added custom services for your business or customer.

See CALLMaster Software Features for details.

    CALLMaster IP software....
  • Installs on Windows XP, Windows 7, Vista, 2003/2008 Server platforms
    CALLMaster provides on-line screens to facilitate database management.
    It can process VoIP calls from any LAN connection.
  • Uses MS SQL database for reliability and performance.
    CALLMaster provides on-line screens to facilitate database management. Alternatively, you can develope your own custom screens, reports and queries leveraging your internal technical capabilities.

If you have and would like to utilize your land line infrastructure, try our CALLMaster software.

Satisfaction Guarantee

At SpeechSoft, we take pride in our product and are confident that your business will benefit from the deployment of CALLMaster.

We offer a FREE fully functional CALLMaster IP Software for a 30 day risk free trial with 3 FREE Technical Phone Support Incidents during that period.

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