Popular Uses for CALLMaster Software

CALLMaster's many features and integrated funciotnality make it flexible and easily adaptable for many uses.

Surveys & Questionnaires:

Survey callers and log voice and/or data responses for easy marketing analysis.

Dictation Services:

Dictate memos, medical briefs, patient notes, etc., with pause, rewind, fast forward control, and have dictation voice file automatically emailed for transcription service.

Message Service Bureaus:

Offer Voice Mail and Fax Management service. Direct callers to DNIS and ANI specific greetings and menu options, forward messages and faxes as email attachment, notify mailbox owner via cell phone or pager on message receipt, and enable caller to speak directly to the mailbox owner with follow-me capabilities (try another number if current number is busy or gets no answer).

Emergency / Group Notifications:

Broadcast messages and/or faxes, notifying groups/associations of meetings, weather advisories, political messages, or emergencies. Deliver generic or custom messages initiating calls from any phone. Schedule calls with day of week and time of day schedule and retry capabilities.


Call customers to remind them of their appointments, scheduled deliveries, returns (e,g, videos), request & log positive/negative confirmation to minimize follow-up. Deliver generic or custom messages. Schedule calls with day of week and time of day schedule and retry capabilities.

Audio Bulletin Board / Talking Yellow Pages:

Provide callers information based on their selection (e.g. real estate listings, job postings). Allow callers to hear details with the ability to fax documents if requested. Get notified immediately or let caller connect directly to agent to optimize leads.

Call Router:

Connect callers to individual parties or call center agents based on DNIS, Caller ID, input from caller or customer criteria obtained from caller's database record. Callers can be redirected to a different location based on time of day or day of week. Great application for Calling Cards or to analyze the effectiveness of their advertising by using different call numbers in various ads.

Dealer/Store Locators:

Allow callers to locate service providers (e.g. stores, dealers, restaurants) based on proximity to their area code or zip code. Allow caller to get details, directions and connect to the selected party.

Account/Billing Information Access, Activation, Delivery and Update:

Provide caller account/financial information based on their account number and password. Enable them to make payments or activate services, with status updates. (e.g. Account / Financial Information, Product Recall Notices and Instructions, Card/Account Activation).

Employee Information Dissemination and Update:

Facilitate information dissemination to employees such as work schedule, available over time. Allow employee to confirm attendance, select sick or vacation days, and overtime consideration.

Order Processing and Status:

Get customer and product number, provide product descriptions using text to speech and reserve from inventory, validate customer billing and shipping details, get credit card information and log information for order processing.

Customer Service/Trouble Ticket Tracking:

Query customer for service problem, return requests, then log the information with a ticket tracking number provided for follow-up resolution.

Time Clocks:

Callers/Employee call in from the job site to log their arrival and departure times, as well as update job status as required. The Caller Id can be validated using a client database to insure caller at valid site.

Dating/Matching Service supporting Telephony Enabled Websites:

Allow members to review their messages, send messages to and directly contact other members based on criteria such as gender, preference, age, zip code, etc. This service work with telephony enabled websites.

One Product, One Price, Many Uses

CALLMaster software's versatility makes it easily adaptible for many uses.

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