Let the Professionals at SpeechSoft Provide You with a Complete Solution for Your Business

We work closely with you to determine your current environment and establish your system objectives. We can purchase and configure a complete solution that best meets your requirements.

If you wish us to purchase and configure a complete solution, we would research the optimal solution and provide you with a quote to include:

Based on your approval, we will purchase the equipment and configure your system. Alternatively, you can purchase the equipment and have it drop shipped to the SpeechSoft for set-up and configuration.

We can develop your custom application based on your specification.

Buy What You Need

At SpeechSoft, we tailor our services to meet the varying technical needs of our customers.

Working together, you can leverage our expertise to design, purchase and develop a cost-effective solution that best meets your business and budget needs.

For more information, contact SpeechSoft Sales at sales@speechsoft.com or call 914-273-5560 ext. 2.