Testimonials from Our Clients Shows Our Commitment

Worked great. I just want to say I really do appreciate the "extra" service you provide. You have always been very helpful when I have a "quick question". In today's world, special attention like that means a lot to me! Thanks again!!

In this day of auto attendant and voice mail, rarely do we remember what old time customer service used to be. Or a product that performs to better than it's specs. We have been using CALLMaster for over a year now and I just wanted to let you know how happy we have been with the product, and most of all the support. There has not been a time that we have not gotten more than we have expected. I am consistently amazed at the level of support we receive from your company. Most recently on the 4th of July. Our system took a lighting hit on the 3rd of July and we had to get a new system and reload Call Master. Fortunately we do daily back ups so we did not have a problem there. We did have a problem getting the t-1 board back up. Morris called into our system on the morning of the 4th in order to get us back up and running. He called me to let me know he had already logged into the system early that morning and would have us back up shortly. And he did. Our total down time was one day. And most of that was taken up in getting a new system and getting that up and running. You have a great staff and their efforts are very much appreciated. You have taken the time to make your product work with our PRI. I understand that we were a first to use the system on a PRI for a stand alone voice mail. It works like a charm. I am waiting anxiously to try the "follow me anywhere" feature. I have no doubt that it will perform as flawlessly as the rest of the software. The possibilities and uses for this product are endless. This product is easy to use, and is very user friendly. The staff is even more user friendly. Congratulations, on not only an outstanding product, but an outstanding staff. I would recommend any one considering a voice mail product, buy this one. Ten on a scale of 1 to 10.

Yes, it was one year ago this September that we purchased Callmaster. Thank you for your continued help, it has been quite and education. Our business has tripled in the last year thanks to the premium quality service we can offer using Callmaster.

I would like to personally thank you for the fine support you have provided our company! We have been a user of your CALLMaster software since the early days of the Beta version, and with your friendly and knowledgeable assistance have successfully implemented subsequent upgrades to our system. Your handling of our technical questions, requests for quotes, and late night email notes has been nothing but professional and customer service oriented! The use of your CALLMaster system has helped our business tremendously! We look forward to the purchase of additional systems as the number of our offices increase. Thank you again!

As for a reference, I must say I've been VERY impressed with the CALLMaster product and level of support that SpeachSoft provides. Each member of their staff has been earnest in their efforts to help us maximize the use of their products. Looking for an innovative, easy-to-use program for implementing and managing a scalable Audiotex application, working with Speechsoft has been one of the best decisions our Company has made. Our technology engineers were instantly impressed with the quality and functionality of CALLMaster and the ongoing support they continue to provide, even months later. The technical and product support provided by Speechsoft as we implemented a customized T1 Global Call interface was not only reassuring for me, it was exceptional for my staff and other service providers Speechsoft needed to work with. CALLMaster is a core element of our product offering (not just a communications system), for that reason it needs to work perfectly. To date, in our live application and testing, it has performed exactly as it has been designed to. Simply put, the scalable nature of the product (incrementally adding up to 96 lines), the comprehensive yet understandable user interface and first class implementation support lead me to recommend CALLMaster to any business professional. In my company, we work with top technology and infrastructure service providers on a routine basis (including RealNetworks, Dataform and AT&T), the staff at SpeechSoft is on par with the best of them.

I can speak to the application that I'm using Callmaster with and the product in general.... -This is a clean, straightforward voice mail system with lots of features, some of which are not found on other small sized systems. -The customer service and support is top-notch. We had a challenging application and the entire SpeechSoft team was there for us from start to finish. -The hardware (server) that we purchased is very, very good. For this application, the best hardware that I would want to buy. -Their prices are competitive. You can pay less, but, you will get a lot less....you can pay more, and get just what you would get from SpeechSoft.

First of all I want to thank you and your team for all the effort put into getting our system up and running. We contracted you to write the scripts to interact with our Oracle database. After several tries and revisions we now have a true interactive system that connects to our Oracle database thru an MS Access link table. We have had this system up and running and have not had a single issue. We are very pleased with the work your company has performed and the timeliness to fixing bugs/revisions to our scripts. It would be a pleasure for us to recommend you and your company to provide an IVR solution.

I'd be happy to be a reference for CALLMaster.We like the product and have experienced prompt and courteous technical support.

As far as I’m concerned, the system is performing wonderfully… Feel free to use me as a reference for performance…not an inconvenience at all…thanks for your help through the process….