Various Support Plans
to Fit Your Technical Expertise & Budget

If you choose not to purchase an Extended Support plan with your CALLMaster purchase, after the 30 day period you can get technical support in any of the following ways when you need assistance.

All Support plans are applicable by individual system purchased, not on a user or site level.

Technical Support Description # of
Coverage Period
(from date of plan purchase)
PP-1 Single Incident 1 1 months $ 225.00
PP-5-3 5-Incident Package 5 3 months $ 595.00
PP-10-6 10-Incident Package 10 6 months $ 795.00
PP-15-9 15-Incident Package 15 9 months $ 995.00
PP-20-12 20-Incident Package 20 12 months $ 1,195.00

Custom application support (trouble-shooting custom scripts, custom database integration) is not covered in this option.

Custom Application Support
In addition to technical support of CALLMaster standard functionality, we can answer questions about your custom CALLMaster application and help you trouble shoot your development effort.  This would include review of your custom scripts, recommendation of your application call flow or database set-up that you have developed using CALLMaster.  Our rate for this support is $225/hour/incident.

All Support Services must be paid in advance.

Please contact SpeechSoft Sales at
or call 914-273-5560 ext. 2 to be pre-approved and get assigned a Support Contract Number (SCN). Technical Support will not be able to assist you without your SCN.

Coverage As Needed

Purchase support as and when you need it.

For more information, contact SpeechSoft Sales at or call 914-273-5560 ext. 2.