CALLMaster Sample Applications

The CALLMaster Sample Applications are designed to provide an overview of CALLMaster's capabilities and to provide a quick starting point for custom application development. They are not provided as stand-alone applications but only as templates to assist you in customizing CALLMaster for your business needs.

Before downloading the Sample Application, you may want to review:

  1. Instructions to Download and Install a Sample Application
  2. Helpful Hints on Testing and Debugging
  3. Walkthrough with Sample Applications

To download a CALLMaster Sample Application, click on the link below.

Account Balances and Information Retrieval
Appointment Reminder with Reschedule Option
Broadcast Audio Message and Fax Document
Dictation Functionality with Playback Navigation
Out Dial with 'Remove from List' Option
Survey Questionnaire
Team Bulletin Board with Rotating Sponsor Messages

Please review the Walkthrough with Sample Applications once installed for initialization & custom set-up details.

Sample Applications to Help You Get Started Fast

Free sample applications to help you in the development and deployment of your custom IVR application.

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