Digital PBX Integration

Connect CALLMaster to the extensions off popular digital PBXs.

Using the Intel/Dialogic Digital PBX boards, CALLMaster requires a PBX software license for integration to Digital PBXs. CALLMaster interfaces with various popular digital PBXs simulating functionality of specific handsets.

CALLMaster connects to DIGITAL extensions off the following PBXs:

Manufacturer Model Handset Model
Avaya/Lucent Definity System 75/85
Definity System G3 Ver. 4
7434 (4-wire)
8434 (2-wire)
Mitel SX-50
Superset 420 (DNIC)
Superset 430 (DNIC)
Electra Professional
NEAX 2000 IVS, 2400 ICS
Nortel Norstar
Meridian 1
Siemens Rolm
Hicom 150E and 300E
ROLMphone 400 (RP400)
Optiset E

For more information on Digital PBX Integration configuration, cabling and connectivity requirements, download and review Digital PBX Integration Documents (zip file).

Enhance Usage of your Digital PBX

Integrate CALLMaster to your digital PBX and provide new, value-added, cost-effective services.

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