Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many phone lines do I need to control with CALLMaster?

A: Although that depends on very specific parameters review the LineCapacityGuideline.pdf.

Q: Can CALLMaster activate a pager if you get a new message?

A: Yes. CALLMaster can activate many types of notification, including pagers, beepers, message waiting lights, even a personal phone call to tell you about your new message.

Q: What telephone systems can CALLMaster integrate with?

A: CALLMaster will work with any switch that supports single-line analog extensions. Additionally, if your switch performs in-band integration (most modern ones do) on the single-line analog extension, you can obtain a tighter integration through PBX-supervised calls.

Q: Are there any telephone systems CALLMaster does NOT integrate with??

A: There are a couple of "switches" on the market that are not useable for one reason or another. For example, AT&T Spirit systems are not actually switching devices. To transfer calls to another person, you must tell that person to "pick up line two" or something like that. Any phone system where you are sharing trunks, not using your own extensions, will probably not support "Automated Attendant" but could do "Voice Mail". Old Merlin II systems that support 10-port or 12-port "OPX" cards can be made to work. The new "Merlin Legend" models, however, perform very well. Finally, older Tie systems are not recommended due to their inconsistency and their inability to accept single-line analog extensions.

Q: How many lines should I purchase?

A: You should get enough to cover your call events, plus one. Consider the types and lengths of events you'll have in the system. An automated Attendant, for example, would include callers routing to extensions, boxholders checking voice mailboxes, and callers getting information on the company. We recommend contacting your SpeechSoft sales representative if you are unsure about your line capacity needs.

Q: What are the system requirements to run CALLMaster?

A: CALLMaster needs a dedicated Windows XP, Windows 7, Vista or 2003/2008 Server platform on a standard PC with PCI slots. For more information, see the System Requirements

Q: What does buying a larger software unit with a single board do for me?

A: By purchasing the higher software capacity, you allow yourself room to grow without having to upgrade the software. Just add boards in the system to get the desired number of lines and you are ready to go!.

Q: I'm not computer literate. Can I use CALLMaster?

A: That's an important question. Basic applications like Voice Mail, limited automated Attendant, and Outcall are pretty simple to set up and use. Complex applications such as telelocators, database interactive call centers, and other multi-level IVR systems are much more difficult to accomplish if you are uncomfortable working with PCs. The SpeechSoft Support and Custom Application Departments is able to help you with more difficult applications.

Q: How much voice recording can my hard drive store?

A: For every 15MB in your hard drive, you get 1 hour of voice recording time. For example, on a 1.5GB hard drive, you would get 100 hours of recording time! In other words, find the smallest hard drive you can find.

Q: What kind of technical support do I get??

A: SpeechSoft Technical Support is available live from 10am to 7pm EST, Monday through Friday and via email. For details see Support Services.

Q: What is the warranty on the boards?

A: Boards purchased from SpeechSoft Inc. carry a 3 year warranty against mechanical defects as provided by the manufacturer Intel. Simply contact SpeechSoft Technical Support by email at or call 914-273-5560 ext '3' if you think your board may be malfunctioning

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