T1/PRI-ISDN Support

CALLMaster interfaces with T1, PRI-ISDN lines supporting various protocols.

Using the Intel/Dialogic T1 board, CALLMaster requires a T1 software license to support T1 trunks. With Dialogic Global Call Drivers, CALLMaster supports the most popular protocols such as NI2, 5ESS, 4ES, DMS.

Using CALLMaster's system variables such as DNIS, ANI with CALLBasic and Channel Bridging capabilities, you can set-up powerful applications to meet your business needs (e.g. Voice Mail Service)

For more information on T1 requirements and configuration, download and review the T1 Support Documents (zip file).

Maximize Usage of your T1 Trunks

Add IVR services to maximize usage of your high speed T1 trunks.

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