Miminum Hardware Requirements

CALLMaster installs on a PC running Windows OS and requires one or more Dialogic boards. Hardware requirements vary depending on anticipated telephony volume and archiving requirements.

Minimum requirements are as follows:-

Hardware must be Windows XP, Windows 7, Vista or 2003/2008 Server compliant

  • - Pentium processor
  • - CD ROM drive for installation
  • - PCI Slot(s) for Dialogic board type


  • - 1GB memory minimum (for 4 port system)

Storage Requirements

  • - One hard disk (1GB minimum)
  • - 15MB of disk space per hour of speech recording

Communication Board

  • - Dialogic communication processor board(s) with Drivers
  • - Upto 96 lines in a single PC

Phone Lines

  • - Standard analog Central Office lines
  • - PBX and/or Centrex lines
  • - Caller ID (optional)
  • - DID (with special interface, optional)
  • - T1 (with special interface, optional)
  • - Fax line support available separately (optional)

For more information, contact SpeechSoft Sales at sales@speechsoft.com or call 914-273-5560 ext. 2.

Free Help to get Started

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