CALLBasic Scripting...

Allows you to develop IVR applications for custom telephony applications using Basic language-like commands.

CALLBasic is a scripting language that lets you write a program known as a script that is to be executed with a specific Audiotex module. Using Audiotex, you link a set of short programs written in plain English that run during the course of a call allowing control of the finest detail and providing advanced functions including database and telephony control.
Each script is an ASCII file that you can edit in Notepad, and contains a set of commands for call control and database management (e.g. Play, Record, GetDTMF, ActiveConnection, Execute).
With CALLBasic's powerful scripting capabilities, you can customize value added features to your telephony application.

    Capabilities include:-
  • Use of ASCII Text files editable with Notepad or WordPad as Scripts

  • Commands for logic flow, telephony, databases, file manipulation

  • Many sample scripts and applications available as templates

  • Interpreted at run-time (no compilation required)

CALLBasic scripting is easy to learn & use (no prior programming skills required).

Popular Uses

Dictation Services; Order Processing and Status; Surveys & Questionnaires; Customer Service/Trouble Ticket Tracking; Account/Billing Information Access, Activation, Delivery and Update; Dating/Matching Service; Dealer/Store Locators

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