Speech Recognition... (ASR)

Enables callers to speak their selection in addition to touch-tone input. Requires the free MS SAPI Speech Recognition engine or any third party SAPI 5.x compliant engine, CALLMaster ASR license and specific Dialogic board types if barge-in capability required.

CALLMaster provides speech recognition in 2 ways using XML grammer files:-
1) Call Routing/Auto Attendant.
Call Routing/Auto Attendant allows caller to say the name of the person or extension they want instead of dialing an extension or spelling the name with telephone buttons.
2) CALLBasic Scripting.
CALLBasic features two commands - Recognize and Transcribe commands which can determine the phrase or word spoken from a designated list of words/phrases. This brings ASR functionality to IVR/Audiotex. See CALLBasic Commands for details.

Now any CALLMaster application like Order Entry can utilize Speech Recognition to provide a more natural user interface with greater flexibility.

CALLMaster ASR enables BargeIn, a feature that allows callers to interrupt a message or prompt by simply talking. This allows a caller to answer or reply to a prompt before it is finished playing back, providing a more natural dialog with the system. Barge-In requires that the greeting be recorded in 8Khz 8Bit Mono Linear PCM wave file format. See Voice Mail – Administrator Options - Record Barge In Prompts.

Customize IVR applications easily with CALLMaster ASR capabilities.
Greet callers giving them the option to say the name of the party they want to connect to.
Deploy more naturally conversant IVR applications allowing callers to speak their selection.

To enable CALLMaster ASR functionality, the Microsoft SAPI Speech engine must be installed. Use this link to download the MS SAPI SDK 5.1.
At the of the bottom of the Microsoft Speech SDK 5.1 page, select the SpeechSDK51.exe

SpeechSoft supports ASP.NET and Speech Application Language Tags (SALT) as a preferred technology for building speech solutions.

Download the CALLMaster ASR Documents (zip file) for details about Speech Recognition.

Popular Uses

Enable speech recognition for any Call Routing or IVR/CALLBasic application.

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