Text-to-Speech (TTS)...

Delivery text information as speech with CALLMaster. TTS functionality is included in the CALLMaster software and does not require any additional licensing. Requires the free MS SAPI Text-toSpeech engine or any third party SAPI 5.x compliant engine.

CALLMaster provides text-to-speech as part of it's powerful CALLBasic Scripting commands. CALLBasic features a Speak command which can translate the specified text into words.
Purchase SAPI compliant voices for greater selection of voice types.

CALLBasic script can be customized to use selected voice, giving you flexibility of gender and accent. Additional parameters such as the ability to spell vs. speak the text, delivery speed, etc. can also be customized using the CALLBasic Speak command.

The text to be spoken can be static text, a field in a database table or a variable based on processing.

To enable CALLMaster ASR functionality, the Microsoft SAPI TTS engine must be installed.
Use this link to download the MS SAPI SDK 5.1
At the of the bottom of the Microsoft Speech SDK 5.1 page, select the SpeechSDK51.exe

Download the CALLMaster TTS Documents (zip file) for details about Text-to-Speech.