Incorporates a comprehensive Voice Mail and Fax unified management application.

    The Messaging / Voice Mail application manages digitally recorded messages. It records, stores, retrieves, reviews, forwards messages, notifies you when new messages arrive, allows caller to be transferred to a designated phone number, receives in faxes to default or selected mailbox, and emails mailbox owner when message or fax received.

  • Unified Voice and Fax mail provide for greater time management

  • Notification of voice messages and fax documents: Email, Cell, SMS, Pager

  • Multilingual prompting and Multilingual greetings and names

  • Message and Fax Activity Log for complete reporting and auditing

Popular Uses

Corporate Voice Mail; Broadcast Notification Systems; Track-me-down Services; Classified Talking Ads; Real Estate Listings Services; Answering Services; Fax Mail Server; Legacy Voice Mail Replacement.

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