Call Routing...

Answers calls consistently and professionally with your custom greeting, direct calls to their appropriate destination in an efficient and timely manner, assists outside callers with a complete departmental or company directory, and even screens calls if you desire.

Calls are answered based on the time of day with appropriate greetings, with intelligent routing depending on the results of the call (e.g. Busy, No Answer).

Calls can be transferred using Centrex, 3-way-calling, analog and digital PBXs or CALLMaster’s Channel Bridging functionality.

  • Complete Automated Multilingual Auto Attendant

  • DNIS and CallerID based Routing for large Call Centers

  • Advanced Routing
  • - Speech Enabled, Live Call Screening,
  • - Call Queuing, Track-Me-Down

  • Analog or digital PBX or Centrex for transfers

  • Switchless Transfers with Channel Bridging and Music-On-Hold
Popular Uses

Auto Attendant; Call Center routers; Calling card service; Advertising tracking.

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