Provides a powerful capability for sophisticated multi-lingual call processing and information delivery systems. IVR/Audiotex is the building blocks of any telephony applications. All the components of CALLMaster are tied together with Audiotex.

Audiotex allows you to define the sequence of messages and responses that define an automated conversation. Audiotex applications are built using a basic building block referred to as a module. You define information modules, the way they are linked together, and valid touch tone responses.
The conversation flow can be predetermined or be based on the caller’s responses. Each module can execute a “program script” (a set of instructions written in CALLBasic) to accomplish a desired function (e.g. access a customer record based on a Caller input key).

  • Forms based Multilevel Tree Structure Modules - easy to learn and use

  • CALLBasic Scripting for Database Connectivity

  • Independent Line Operation – can support many applications on one system

  • Multilingual Support – ideal for Government and International applications

  • Easily combine other CALLMaster features for intelligent application customization

For more information on scripting capabilities see CALLBasic Features

Popular Uses

Order taking and tracking; Dealer locators; Financial record access; Inventory reporting; Real Estate listings; Talking classified ads; Human resource information server.

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