Out Dial...

Calls a list of telephone numbers and delivers any message, or fax, and logs and records responses.

Out Dial applications contacts people by making telephone calls to a list of phone numbers and can deliver and/or retrieve information as well as fax documents. The audio information can be as simple as a single recording, or as complex and sophisticated as a complete Audiotex application.
Linking Out Dial with Audiotex enables powerful Out Dial capabilities. Applications can be simple message notification or sophisticated appointment reminders with identity confirmation and rescheduling capabilities.

  • Human/Answering Machine/Fax Detection

  • Independent Campaigns Per Line

  • Integration with IVR functionality

  • Transfer to Live Agents

  • Scheduled Dialing by Time of Day, Day of Week with Retry & Remove Options
Popular Uses

Appointment Reminders; Telemarketing; Political Campaigning; Broadcast / Emergency Notifications; Fax Broadcasts.

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