VoIP Network Integration

CALLMaster IP supports both the H.323 and SIP VOIP protocols and various audio coders and DTMF formats.

Any VOIP device can call CALLMaster IP by dialing the IP address of the machine running the CALLMaster IP software. By default CALLMaster IP will run in stand alone mode and listen on port 5060 for incoming VOIP calls. CALLMaster can also register with a Gateway or Registrar.

For CALLMaster IP to work in a VOIP environment, there is a configuration file, CMVOIP.cfg, that must be setup to match the VOIP environment. There are two sets of parameters that will need to be configured for proper operation.
For details, see CALLMaster IP Configuration (pdf).

Leverage VoIP Technology

Connect CALLMaster to your VoIP infrastructure to deliver value-added services.

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